Captain Safdar asking for a Contempt of Court notice from SC

Captain Safdar asking for a Contempt of Court notice from SC

ISLAMABAD – It seems that PML-N stalwart Captain (r) Safdar, the son-in-law of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is asking Supreme Court for a Contempt of Court notice.

In a recent statement today he has said that the judges have always read the already written judgments.

Talking to media after appearing before the accountability court on Friday, he they had appeared before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and they will appear before the Supreme Court (SC) if summoned.

Explaining his statement about the judges after the journalist warned him of contempt of court, Captain (r) Safdar said that the judges read out the verdict they bring from their houses.

Either the prime minister stand disqualified, become a hijacker or hanged whenever the country start making progress, he added.

Safdar went on to say that the Qatari prince should also be given chance to record statement via video link.

While criticizing the joint investigation team (JIT), he said PML-N will not accept the report of JIT as they have reservations on its fair performance. He called JIT a Jirga, which was not consisted on competent legal experts.

Capt. Safdar said the 220 million people decided fate of the country and no one could snatch their right from them, adding that Pakistan’s history is full of bad decisions that created major issues to the nation.