50 Daesh terrorists have entered Europe, warns Interpol

50 Daesh terrorists have entered Europe, warns Interpol

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has delivered a list of 50 suspected members of the Daesh terrorist group, who are thought to have crossed into Italy, to counterterrorism agencies across Europe, the Guardian newspaper, which has obtained the list, reported on Wednesday.

According to the news outlet, the list was initially sent to the Italian Interior Ministry on November 29, 2017, and was then handed over to other European countries. Interpol assumes that the terrorists have arrived in Italy by boat and may attempt to infiltrate other European states. [image: Migrants in the Mediterranean Sea]

At least four of those mentioned on the list were already known to European security services, while one of the suspected Daesh fighters might have already crossed the border into France, the Guardian said.

[image: A Daesh flag] The individuals listed are all nationals of Tunisia, which is thought to be a top source country for Daesh recruits. Their names, surnames and birth dates have also been included in the document, the newspaper added.

In July 2017, Interpol circulated a list of 173 Daesh terrorists, who might perpetrate terrorist attacks in Europe. The list was drafted by US intelligence services, based on information obtained during operations in Syria and Iraq. The information has been transmitted to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and subsequently to the Interpol.