Rising Hindu extremism in India: A threat to Regional Security


Rising Hindu extremism is a threat to India itself; President Obama was quoted as saying while addressing university students on his visit to India .

Rise of Modi led Bhartiya Janta Party BJP in India has given rise to hindu extremism in India . The ideological mother of BJP is the Rashtariya Swamisewak Sangh RSS , which is a proud Hindu extremist group, ironically in power in India for more than last one year.

Another prominent Hindu extremist group Shiv Sena is also leaving no stone unturned to match its popularity with its ideological and electoral partner BJP and RSS , in turning India into an extremist state.

May it be burning of Sikhs Temple, Christians Churches or the Babri mosque of Muslims, Hindu extremism is evident in Indian society but the peak is yet to come with RSS and Shiv Sena strengthening their footholds further in Government corridors and more dangerously in Indian Armed Forces equipped with deadly nuclear and conventional weapons.

May it be alive burning of Sikhs, Muslims or Christians in India or forceful conversion of minorities into Hinduism is taken as jewel in the crown of RSS , Shiv Sena or Akali Dal extremist groups. The higher the death toll or the impact of these disgraceful violent acts, the higher the ranking its leaders get in the extremist circles.

Recent series of blackening of faces of either moderate Hindus or Muslims, Indians or Pakistanis has become the hallmark of the Hindu extremists in India . Cancelling concerts of the Pakistani singers or denying access to Pakistani actors is being seen as matter of pride and honour for the Hindu extremists under the direct patronage of the Prime Minister of the India Narendra Modi 's BJP and RSS .

Moderate Indian diaspora lead by educated and literal Indians have strongly objected to the extremist policies of the RSS and BJP Government. The recent wave of the actors and Scholars returning their literally and performance awards back to government is an open question mark on the face of so called liberal and secular India .

However the more dangerous aspect of rising Hindu extremism is to South Asian region. Blockade of land locked Nepal by extremists proxies after it promulgated its consensus new constitution , which was not liked by many extremist groups in India depicts that Indian hegemonic desirous elements want to treat Nepal, not more than a state of India .

Attacks on LOC in occupied Kashmir and along working boundary have killed more than 100 Pakistanis, both Military and Civilians in last few years by Indian Borders Security Forces. However with the rise of Modi government in India the cross border violations have escalated manifold on borders between the two nuclear armed neighbours.

Narendra Modi and Haseena Wajid duo partnership in Bangladesh against Jamaat Islami JI has resulted in rising terrorism incidences in Bengali society, is also a hidden gift of the hindu extremist ideology in yet another South Asian country.

It is often talked about that in case of another Mumbai attacks in India , the extremist Hindu groups in India would pressurize Modi Government in New Delhi to act strongly against Pakistan. A trailer of such demands have been witnessed in recent past when even senior Ministers of Modi Government have threatened Pakistan of dire consequence in case of any such further adventures.

However if we reverse the scenario and imagine if RSS or Shiv Sena in collaboration with notorious Research and Analysis Wing RAW, the Indian premier Intelligence Agency attacks one of the strategic target in India to start a campaign of pre emptive strike against Pakistan.

Will India it self be able to control the monster it has created in shape of rising Hindu Extremism ?

Will Modi government attack Pakistan with either cold or hot start doctrines?

The influx of Hindu extremist ideology in Indian Armed Forces will take even a step ahead in satisfying their religious and political masters.

How would Pakistan react to such an eventual hindu extremist act of sabotage and destruction in South Asia?

Are Indian nukes safe from the hands of the extremist groups when unfortunately the groups are themselves in power circles and their vote bank is dependant upon the Hindu extremists parties which are in full capacity to black mail the Modi government.

World community must pay head to rising Hindu extremism in India , that is a potent threat to the safety and security of over 1.5 billion people in South Asia. United Nations should adopt some restraining policies and instructions well in time before the things go out of hands, both in India and Pakistan.

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