PML-N leads the Islamabad LBE 2015 with 21 seats while PTI grabs 16 out of 50

ISLAMABAD : PML- N has got first position while PTI secured second position in first ever local body elections of Islamabad . PML- N won 21 seats of chairman while PTI won 16 seats of chairman out of 50 UCs in Islamabad local body elections. As per details, independent candidates got 11 seats of chairman. PML- N got success in UC’s includes Malpur, Kot Hatyal, Raval town, G-six-one, G-eight- I-II, jhangi seydan and Shah allah dita etc. Polling began at 7 a.m and continued till 5:30 p.m without break. Voters were very excited to cast their vote. All government offices were closed after 2 pm according to the directives of interior ministry. Government servants have casted their votes after 2 pm. Tight security arrangements were made by the Law Enforcement Agencies to conduct peaceful and free and fair polling. More than 8 thousands police and FC personnel performed their duties in local body elections.