PM Nawaz Sharif met with PM Narendra Modi secretly on the sidelines of SAARC meeting in Khatmandu

ISLAMABAD: Indian media claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with Prime Minister Modi in a secret meeting during the SAARC Summit last year. The Summit held in Kathmandu. Both leaders decided to meet secretly in Kathmandu. The meeting was arranged by the Indian Steel magnate Sajjan Jindal who is also the brother of former Congress MP Naveen Jindal. These revelations have been made by Barkha Dutt in her debut book. She is also a renowned TV journalist of India. Matters related to security situation had been discussed in the meeting. Both leaders shared their reservation and over the matters regarding Indo-Pak relations. They also emphasized on the cordial relationships between India and Pakistan. However, Pakistan has denied any such secret meeting with Modi in Kathmandu.