Paris Attacks: The 9/11 for European Muslims


November 13, 2015 witnessed the streets of Paris soaked with blood of 128 French people. This time it was France that was hit hard by terrorists attacks. The multi dimensional modus operandi terrorists act included mass shootings, hostage taking and deadliest Suicide bombings while French along with their President were enjoying friendly football match against Germany in “Stade de France” stadium.

These were the deadliest attacks upon France since the end of World War II.

Self styled and Self claimed Muslim Caliphate with the title of “Islamic State” ISIS claimed the responsibility for the Paris carnage. French President Hollande was quoted as saying; Attacks were an act of war against France by Islamic State “ISIS”.

It would be pertinent to mention here that France along with United States of America has been bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria since October.

ISIS termed it a revenge against France for it’s bombing campaign and vowed to further strike France , EU and USA in future. November 18, 2015 witnessed French Police eliminating the master mind of Paris attacks Abdel Hamid Abaaoud in a raid in which a suicide bomber again exploded, implying that the terrorists accomplices and sympathisers were still present in the city.

Paris attacks have left behind many controversies and stories. Who were the attackers? What was their motive? Was it ISIS and who is behind ISIS ? From where the terrorist organization was getting the funding? Who won what and Who lost?

France is home to more than five million Muslims , the largest muslim community in Europe. France is home to the maximum number of tourists in Europe. The question arises why France was selected as terrorists target in Europe? Is it because of the fact that France has openly supported the Palestinian cause and opposed the Israel in two state solution of the Middle Eastern crisis.

ISIS which is being alleged as supported by Israel in order to achieve its clandestine objectives of making a greater Israel and ensuring its hegemony and control over the resources of Middle East. Is France being punished for its bold stance against Israel ?

Muslims in America suffered the most after the 9/11 attacks upon World Trade Centre in USA, similarly Muslims in Europe have emerged as the greatest victims of the terrorists attacks in France . Hate crime incidences along with the targeting of muslims has tremendously increased in Britain, France and other European countries in the after math of the Paris carnage.

Besides increase of hatred against Muslims in Europe another important aspect of the Paris attacks has emerged in the shape of increased defence spending by the European countries. France , Britain and Germany have decided to increase their defence spending by $50 billions in coming years as a result of the barbaric acts of terrorism hence further strengthening the argument that this war is all about Weapons industry growth.