Jamaat e Islami holds sit in to protest executions of JI leader in Dhaka

KARACHI: JI Ameer Sirjul Haq said that JI leader’s executions in Bangladesh are against the human rights. They are being punished because of the loyalty with Pakistan. PM of Bangladesh Hasina Wajid has become Rival of Pakistan. JI Ameer was addressing a protest at Mall road against the execution of JI leaders in Dhaka. He said that JI will raise its voice against the brutality of Bangladesh at every platform. A large number of people participated in the protest. The protestor chanted slogans against the Bangladeshi government. The protesters demanded the international organizations of human rights to take action against Bangladesh . Sirajul Haq further said that whenever free and fair elections will be conducted in Bangladesh , JI will emerge as the leading party. More than 10 thousands people lost their lives in 1971 war and four thousands workers are still in the jail. Siraj said he also discussed the matter of executions with Pakistan government but government could not do anything to stop the executions.