Challenges for Pakistan’s new National Security Advisor


General Naseer Jangua, Ex. Commander Southern Command, Pakistan Army has been appointed as Pakistan’s new National Security Advisor by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

His appointment to the prestigious post comes at a time when Pakistan’s relations with its both immediate neighbours i.e India and Afghanistan are at its lows. On one side, India has been resorting to unprovoked firing on the eastern borders and on the other hand Indian premier Intelligence Agency RAW is being involved in sabotage and subversive activities in Pakistan from the western front, with the help of the Afghanistan's premier Intelligence and Security Agency i.e National Directorate of Security NDS .

Pakistan has constantly been blaming Indian clandestine activities in Afghanistan consulates along the Pakistan Afghanistan border responsible for the deadliest terrorist activities in Baluchistan, Federally Administrative Tribal Areas FATA and in urban centers of Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. Pakistan has also approached Afghanistan government highest echelons over the issue of use of its soil by Indians against Pakistan but of no heed to then Afghan President Hamid Karazai, an ex. refugee in Pakistan for more than decade.

However the ice started to break between the South Asian neighbours after the change of command in Kabul and Islamabad both at military and civilian cadres. Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif both adopted reconciliatory approach towards the new Afghanistan government of Ashraf Ghani in Kabul.

The relations between the two Islamic neighbour states reconciled to a level that Afghanistan President visited Pakistan Army Headquarters and paid tributes to the martyrs of the War on Terror.

Pakistan Army Chief and other high profile dignitaries visited Kabul. The strategic relations touched the new heights after the Pakistan premier Intelligence Agency “Inter Services Intelligence” ISI had an intelligence sharing pact with Afghan intelligence NDS .

However on the other hand, rise of Hindu extremist government of BJP led by Narendra Modi in India had its own agenda in mind. The hegemonic designs of India are not hidden from the world and its dream of supremacy over SAARC is the ultimate desire of the Modi government.

Modi and his National Security team led by a former Intelligence Bureau IB officer Ajit Doval are hell bent upon enforcing their nefarious designs on their neighbouring states. Unable to do any harm over china, remembering the disgraceful defeat of horrifying 1962 war with China, next comes nuclear Pakistan which India considers the last hurdle in South Asia against its expansionist policy.

Indian RAW and Afghan NDS collaboration dates back to the soviet invasion times of Afghanistan when the later was termed as KHAAD. Taliban offensive in Afghanistan in and around major cities of Afghanistan and untimely release of Taliban’s former supreme commander Mullah Mohammad Umer death news jeopardised the Pakistan lead Afghanistan peace process between Afghan governemnt and Taliban leaders in Islamabad and Murree.

Who broke the news of Mullah Umer death after at least two years of his death to the media, is another mystery and conspiracy which needs to be investigated ?

Who is the ultimate beneficiary of the instability in Afghanistan at a time when Pakistan herself is involved in the biggest anti terroism operations Zarb e Azab in its territory where more than 170,000 of its Armed Forces personnel are directly involved fighting Tehrik e Taliban TTP Pakistan notorious fighters?

Who would want relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan to be deteriorated knowing that Pakistan’s National Security is intrincibly linked with security scenario within Afghanistan?

The summer offensive of Taliban coupled with high casualties in and around Kabul gave the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s a chance to spit venom against Pakistan once again, a country where he has spent several years of his life as a refugee.

Hamid Karzai , an Indian University graduate love for India and hatred for Pakistan is an open secret and his resurgence in Afghanistan politics at this critical point of time is again indicative of Indian influence rise in Afghanistan which it initially lost after the rise of Ghani on the throne of Kabul.

Hamid Karzai is the lynch pin between RAW and NDS nexus along with Ajit Doval , the duo being the civilian faces of the alliance against Pakistan.

Will Pakistan new National Security Advisor NSA General Jangua who had a marvellous tenure as Commander Southern Command in Quetta be able to internally handle this NDS-RAW nexus led by Karzai-Doval against Pakistan?

Will the General be able to expose the RAW-NDS nexus against Pakistan on the international and diplomatic front in the world ?

Will the General in Civies be able to strike a balance between the civilian and Military leadership in Pakistan internally?

The answers to these questions will be given only with the passage of time when the General will be meeting its counterparts in New Delhi and kabul in the coming weeks and months.

However some sleepless and anxious nights were felt through the Indian media where General’s appointment as NSA is seen as now directly dealing with all powerful Pakistan Army, the custodians of nuclear arsenals as well, which Modi government in Delhi considers his last hurdle in its expansionist and hegemonic designs in South Asia.