Anti Syria war march held by thousands of British protesters in London

LONDON : Thousands of anti-war protesters have descended on central London tonight to campaign against military intervention in Syria ahead of a vote by MPs tomorrow. Members of the Stop the War coalition staged an emergency protest against the proposed air strikes. Chants of "David Cameron shame on you!" and "Don't bomb Syria!" rang out across Parliament Square this evening as demonstrators marched through London . The coalition has condemned Jeremy Corbyn's decision to grant a free vote to Labour MPs on the issue as "deplorable". Andrew Murray, the group's chairman, said it had "cleared the way" for the Commons vote on air strikes. The protest turned violent when police were forced to drag protesters off the road outside the Palace of Westminster. A group of around 150 protesters had turned the march into a sit-down protest, forcing traffic to build up from Westminster Bridge. Some were physically pulled off the road and a few scuffles broke out. At least one man was wrestled into the back of a police van. Lindsey German, the convenor of Stop the War, told the crowd this evening: "We are here to say one very simple thing: don't bomb Syria . (

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