Caution for billions of WhatsApp users across the World

Caution for billions of WhatsApp users across the World

The world’s largest messaging app WhatsApp users have facing issues of receiving spam verification code messages to steal their private information.

According per reports, the users of the app asked to send a certain code for verification. The message contains “Prove that you’re a human sending the code you’ve just received from WhatsApp, or your account will be disabled tomorrow”.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has denied any such development from the messaging app.

The app management has advised users to allow two-step verification to confirm safety.

“Whatsapp is not sending any message about the renewal of your account. Block and report unofficial accounts on WhatsApp that ask for your 6-digit code. Note: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Support will NEVER ask for your 6-digit code!”

“Please. Please. Please. Be careful and enable the Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp Settings > Account!” read another tweet.

Earlier, WhatsApp rolls out a new Beta update —, this update has “New Terms of Service Alert” which repeats that the app does not hear the conversation.

According to the reports, the new update of WhatsApp link includes the “New Terms of Service Alert”, according to the website, which will be available in a future update that will be rolled out for all of its users around the world.

Furthermore, the website states that no information is used for profiling the user, and it’s not used to create targeted ads on Facebook.

WhatsApp, in the new alert, said that the terms go into effect on May 15. “Note that WhatsApp link wants to highlight that all chats with businesses that use solution/cloud providers are obviously optional,” it added.