News anchor commits suicide after jumping off the building

News anchor commits suicide after jumping off the building

HYDERABAD – An Indian Telugu newscaster killed herself by jumping off the fifth floor of her apartment building in Hyderabad, police said on Monday.

V. Radhika Reddy, who was associated with the V6 News channel, took the extreme step on Sunday night in Moosapet where her apartment is located.

The body of the 36-year-old news anchor was first spotted by neighbours who informed police about it. Police said that Radhika committed suicide shortly after she reached home from the office, adding that head injury caused her death on the spot.

The police suspect depression behind the act as a suicide note written in Telugu was recovered from her handbag. Radhika wrote that nobody was responsible for her death.

The news anchor, who was divorced six years ago and living with her mentally disabled son and father, added that her mind was her enemy.

According to police, some witnesses saw her walking briskly towards the stairs, claiming that she went up to the top floor of the building and jumped off.