"Door to Hell" continues to burn on earth


ASHGABAT: The Darvaza gas crater, also known as ‘The Door to Hell’ and ‘The Crater of Fire’, is a terrifying man-made symbol of nightmare.

It’s located in the Karakum Desert of Turkmenistan.

“Man-made natural phenomenon” might sound like a contradiction, but hear us out.

[image: Turkmenistan door to hell]

As explained in a new video from YouTube channel SciShow, in 1971 Soviet scientists began explored the Karakum desert search of oil and gas.

No one really knows what followed, there have been no official public reports on the matter, but it is currently thought that the enthusiastic scientists, having found oil and gas, began to drill immediately.

[image: Turkmenistan door to hell]

They had stumbled on a cavern and created a sinkhole more than 60 metres in diameter and 20 metres deep.

[image: Turkmenistan door to hell]

This released a lot of methane, which the scientists presumably decided to burn off, thinking it would only take a few weeks.

It is still alight to this day, and has a terrible eggy smell because of the hydrogen sulphide in the ground.