Crowd at Karachi stadium saved Pakistan from embarrassment

Crowd at Karachi stadium saved Pakistan from embarrassment

KARACHI - Karachi’s National Stadium witnessed two historic events after years of waiting. The cricket arena welcomed an International West Indian team but the icing on the topping was the patriotism that the spectators showed on the National Anthem glitch.

The West Indian team decided to field after winning the toss, however the decision backfired and Pakistani team brilliantly batted a massive score of 204 runs in the first match of the three day Twenty 20 series.

The Windies on the other hand could only score a total of 60 runs in 13.4 overs and lost the match by 143 runs that is the second biggest marginal win by any team in the Twenty 20 match history.

All before this historic win, another event took place that marked a momentous event when the spectators filled the stadium with pure patriotism after a technical glitch paused the recorder National Anthem but the audience completed the remaining part.

What a lovely crowd we have in Karachi. Anthem’s recording was stopped due to some problem but the crowd didnt stop and sung it till the end ???????? #PAKvWI <link> #CricketComesHome <link> #Karachi <link> #PakVsWI <link> <link>

— Usama Qureshi (@UsamaQureshy) April 1, 2018 <link>

Not missing a beat after the National Anthem paused; the spectators took it all in stride and in one voice continued the last verse of the anthem, ending it with heads down in synchronization.