US Ambassador clarifies Indian role in Afghanistan on Pakistan's reservations

US Ambassador clarifies Indian role in Afghanistan on Pakistan's reservations

US Ambassador David Hale in a meeting with Pakistan National Security Advisor Naseer Janjua has said that US policy supported the role of regional countries in a peaceful settlement and Pakistan had an important role to play. The US was thinking of reviving and accelerating the QCG and the Six-plus-One process in Afghanistan where Pakistan will have a leading role. 

The US recognised Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror and hoped that it would continue to play its cooperative role.

The ambassador further clarified that additional troops in Afghanistan will be deployed as trainers for the Afghan Armed Forces. Enhanced authority for decision making given to field commanders meant a quick action against all terrorist groups, including the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

“Kabul government had also been called upon to realign itself for playing its full role in controlling the insurgency and winning over the hearts and minds of its people while improving its governance,” the ambassador underlined.

Regarding the role envisaged for India, the ambassador said the US government was aware of the feelings in Pakistan on this matter and was ready to play its role in reducing tensions between the two neighbours. He further clarified that India’s role was envisaged for economic development only.

The NSA welcomed the US ambassador’s cooperative attitude, saying that Pakistan was taking its time to fully examine the new policy and considering all options and would like to receive further details from the US side. 

He said the Trump speech at the Fort Myers was deeply disappointing and had deeply hurt the feelings of the government and people of Pakistan.

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