Iraq hangs Arabs belonging to Al-Qaeda

Iraq hangs Arabs belonging to Al-Qaeda

NASIRIYAH, Iraq (APP) - Iraq on Wednesday hanged seven men of various Arab nationalities who were convicted of belonging to the Al-Qaeda network, officials said.

The seven were detained more than four years ago and found guilty of terrorist activities with the organisation that later formed the backbone of the Islamic State group.

"Death sentences by hanging were carried out Wednesday against seven terrorists from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Palestine, Syria and Jordan in Nasiriyah prison," said Dakhel Radhi.

Radhi is a member of the provincial council of Dhiqar, the southern Iraqi province of which Nasiriyah is the capital.

An official in the Nasiriyah prison administration speaking on condition of anonymity said the seven had all been jailed for more than four years but could not provide further details.

He said around 60 other convicts from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Algeria were still held in Nasiriyah prison on similar charges.