India-US strategic defence deal: Pakistan's perspective

India-US strategic defence deal: Pakistan's perspective

ISLAMABAD : India and United States of America have signed a historic strategic defence deal by virtue of which both the states would be able to use each other territories and Armed Forces facilities for logistic purposes.


The apparent aims and ambitions of the said deal are clear that United States would be using Indian Naval facilities for US Navy.


Although the same facility would be available to Indian Navy also but knowing the facts and the requirements of the Indian Navy it is simply a face saving option for India as far as Indian Naval ships docking at the US Naval Ports is concerned

The said deal was lingering on far last many years due to hasitation from Indian side as India wanted to maintain its neutral image in the world.

However Modi government has finally taken the step to anchor US Naval ships and submarines at the Indian Naval bases thus departing away from the decades old so called non alignment policy of India.


United States has also become the largest arms supplier to India as in less than just 10 years India has signed defence deals worth $14 billions with United States of America.

Pakistan on the other hand has been watching the rising Indo-US defence ties in the region.

Pakistan on Thursday said it would like to see the recent defence deal between the United States and India did not disturb strategic balance of South Asia.


Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said "Pakistan hoped the set arrangements do not contribute to polarizing the region by disturbing the strategic balance in South Asia and escalating the arms build-up".

The Spokesman at a weekly press briefing said though the defence pact was an agreement between two sovereign countries, "Pakistan hoped it would contribute to peace and stability in the region".

Zakaria said Pakistan was ready to hold dialogue with India whenever the latter was ready, however, stressed that Kashmir issue would be part of agenda.


Advisor to PM on foreign affairs  Sartaj Aziz while talking to BBC on the issue of US-India defence deal said that the United States is changing its policy in order to check increasing influence of China in the world; and as India fits more in that policy; therefore, Washington and New Delhi are coming closer.

He said Pakistan in the new situation has been getting closer to China, Russia and other members of Shinghai Cooperation Organization and is also maintaining its ties with US for being its ally for some four decades.

However,he said, Pakistan wants to have cordial relations with the United States side by side China and other countries.

Pakistan has adopted a balance approach in the whole scenario and is exploring the Russian-Sino bloc in terms of fulfilling its defence requirements while at the same time maintaining positive relationship with US.