New Pakistan has introduced culture of more work: Buzdar

New Pakistan has introduced culture of more work: Buzdar

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said that New Pakistan has introduced the culture of less claims and more work.

He said that people have witnessed many hollow claims in the past, but it was now time to deliver, as actions speak louder than words.

Chairing meetings of assembly members from Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan divisions, he said that they were working day and night to complete 100-day plan of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that Punjab would surely play a proactive role in implementation of the plan and people would feel a real change in these 100 days.

The meetings also reviewed suggestions regarding development and solution to people's problems and evolving a strategy in this regard.

Buzdar said that the government officials had to work in a creative manner. He assured that they would put in place measures to enhance the departments' capacity and provide facilities to the public, adding that government officials playing their part actively in serving masses, would be encouraged. "We will support people who are serving public while strict action will be taken against those who lag behind in implementing the government policies," he added.

The CM said that he would spend a day at divisional headquarters to listen to the public issues, adding that the PTI government had introduced open door policy so that people could reach the officers concerned. Action would be taken against those who keep people waiting for a meeting. He said that consultation process with members of the parliament would continue and that his doors were open on all members of the Punjab Assembly.

He said that 'Clean Pakistan' campaign in the province had been launched and "we will make south Punjab a role model in terms of development. Every task will be accomplished with the consultation of MPAs and we will not allow anyone to interfere in the process of solving

the public problems."

The chief minister said that public issues had totally been neglected in the past, but the New Pakistan would give rights to the poor as well. Due to wrong policies of previous rulers, he said, the country had been de-tracked and "we will put Pakistan on its real track of development and prosperity in one month."

He assured that politicians and officers in New Pakistan would serve the public and the policy of merit, economic and transparency would be adhered to, while there would be zero tolerance for corruption. He said that an effective policy had been adopted for instant solution to the public issues and implementation of the policies would be ensured, adding that police reforms were in the final stages.

Provincial ministers, Members of Punjab Assembly, Administrative and Police officials and officers concerned were also present.