India unhappy with US for not acting against Pakistan in the region: GT

India unhappy with US for not acting against Pakistan in the region: GT

BEIJING - Donald Trump will soon visit Asia for the first time as the US President. The 5-nation tour does not include India, but there is a possibility of a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US President on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit in Manila. 

While India and the US have time and again spoken of the close ties that they share, an editorial in a Chinese daily Global Times has questioned this relationship. The editorial claims that all talks of defence cooperation between the two countries are 'much cry and little wool'.

Noting the thaws in the Indo-US ties, Chinese media asserts that America's closeness with Pakistan must make India sceptical. The article states how despite Pakistan's declining position in America's regional and global strategies, US can never let go of it due to the geopolitical importance that it holds.  

It also speaks of how India is not happy with its ties with the US since despite the latter's strong hold on Pakistan, it has not done anything to keep them in check over fighting proxy wars and terrorism. It claims that US has even helped India achieve a permanent member seat at the UN Security Council. 

American ties with China too may also make India sceptical due to the various conflicts that the two neighbours have. 

India also, it claims, cannot depend on a 'wholehearted' partnership with the US as if it depends on America too much, it will not be able to become a global power itself. US, on the other hand, the editorial claims will never be 'satisfied with India until it decides to be its pawn'. 

The article also states how 'conflicts' in defence technology cooperation between the US and India may also prevent their collaboration from going deeper. "The US seeks to influence arms buyers through training, maintenance and even control of core defense technologies whereas India aims for a transfer of military technology," it states.