COAS - Afghan President meeting inside tale

COAS - Afghan President meeting inside tale

KABUL - President Ashraf Ghani met with Pakistan's chief of army staff general Qamar Javed Bajwa on Sunday afternoon at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, the president’s office confirmed in a statement.

According to the statement, Ghani marked the meeting as a new season of relationships between Afghanistan and Pakistan and said good opportunities of cooperation are being provided and both countries should get the most out of the current situation.

Both sides discussed various important issues including security in the region, bilateral relationships, peace and stability, anti-terror efforts, business and transit relationships, and mid-term and long-term relationships between Afghanistan and Pakistan, read the statement.

The Pakistan team meanwhile said Islamabad is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in counterterrorism efforts which is a joint threat and added that they support the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process, the statement added.

According to the statement, Ghani emphasized that task teams should be established by both sides in different sectors to form a clear cooperation framework and to take practical steps in this regard. Ghani also said a monitoring mechanism should be established to make sure both sides implement their promises and that deadlines should be imposed.

The Pakistani team meanwhile promised that task teams from their side will draft implementation plans, the statement said.

Ghani also said both sides should use the current opportunity and added that peace and stability was for the benefit of both Pakistan and Afghanistan and that this could lift the people in both countries out of poverty.

Both sides emphasized that we must forget the past and work hard for a better future, read the statement.