PM urges people not to get swayed by those politicising Aasia Bibi case; Constitution based on teachings of Holy Quran, Sunnah

PM urges people not to get swayed by those politicising Aasia Bibi case; Constitution based on teachings of Holy Quran, Sunnah

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the people not to get swayed by those politicizing the issue for votes as decision of the Supreme Court on Aasia Bibi case was in accordance with the Constitution; that was based on the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah.

In his address to the nation, the prime minister spoke against the protests in various parts of the country, in response to a judgment announced earlier in the day that acquitted a Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, in a false blasphemy case.

The prime minister gave a terse warning to the small section of people protesting against the SC judgment and urged them not to take law in their hands.

“Do not test the patience of the State,” Imran Khan said and vowed to protect the lives and property of the people at all costs.

He said Pakistan was the second State after Madina in the world, which was created on the ideology of Islam. “We do not have any law against the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, and the judges decide the cases according to the Constitution of the country,” the prime minister said.

He said the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf was strictly pursuing its vision of replicating the ideals of the State of Madina.

“I firmly believe that one’s faith is incomplete without the unflinching love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him),” Prime Minister Imran Khan said and added it was integral part of one’s faith.

He cited the recent example of blasphemous caricatures by a Dutch parliamentarian and the strong reaction of the Government of Pakistan that forced them to desist from going ahead with the blasphemous competition.

“Pakistan was the only Muslim country in the world that rose to the occasion and lodged a strong protest with the Government of the Netherlands.”

He said the strong stance of the Government of Pakistan was vindicated as the Dutch Government had to withdraw the blasphemous contest.

Imran Khan said Pakistan also raised the issue at the level of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and at the United Nations General Assembly. He said Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi forcefully raised the serious issue at the United Nations. The issue was highlighted to the extent that the European Parliament too had to make an open statement clearly differentiating between blasphemy and the freedom of speech.

“We do not make mere statements. We take practical steps and have stood for the cause of Islam,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran said if Pakistan did not follow the ideals of the State of Madina, it had no future and reiterated his vision of pursuing this objective, without any deviation.

The prime minister said the reaction by the small section of the people, who had made the lives of the people miserable by blocking major road intersections and their serious remarks against the superior judiciary and the senior generals were totally unacceptable and had forced him to respond.

“We will be forced to act if the roads are blocked and the lives and property of the people are put at stake,” he said.

He said the country was facing serious economic challenges and the government was taking numerous steps to bring foreign investment to the country. The closure of roads and businesses was a serious detriment for the common man, particularly the daily wage earners.

He also took a serious note of the offensive speeches by some religious leaders, who were provoking the people against the judges and for mutiny against the senior generals. He mentioned the numerous sacrifices of the personnel of the armed forces in the war against terror and said to term anyone non-Muslim was unacceptable.

“To say the judges are susceptible to killing, the Chief of the Army Staff is a non-Muslim and to ask the army and the generals to rebel, is unacceptable.”

He appealed to the people to rise to the occasion and help the country by not falling in to the whims of those who wanted to politicize the issue for petty political gains.