PM Imran Khan to reshuffle federal cabinet: sources

PM Imran Khan to reshuffle federal cabinet: sources

KARACHI – The federal cabinet is expected to undergo a reshuffle after the Senate elections as Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed concern over the performance of several ministers.

According to reports in local media, the premier is not happy with the performance of federal ministers. He is also displeased over inordinate delays in the completion of several projects.

A key federal minister commented on the matter and said it’s time to deliver and the Prime Minister has this realization. He added that the frustration is growing within PTI circles and the Prime Minister strongly believes that the ministers must start delivering without coming up with justifications.

The cabinet reshuffle will be made in light of the declining popularity of the ruling party, performance in the by-elections, and losing ground to opposition parties and voters expressing their disapproval with the government’s policies.

The minister further added that ministers have failed to defend their performance on media while those who lack experience have been assigned the task of narrative-building.

The government blames the opposition but internally there is realisation that performance-based narrative should be presented before people, he added.