(VIDEO) Show host, Trevor Noah mocked Indian Army over idea of war against Pakistan Army


LAHORE – The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, in a section of his show has mocked Indian Army over idea of war against Pakistan.

He described the idea of war between India and Pakistan as “the most entertaining war of all times”.

His comments are being scrutinized as he clearly failed to realise the kind of bloodshed war brings with it. War is anything but entertaining. Noah further adds fuel to the fire when he says that this would be the longest war of all time due to another “dance number”.

Noah can be seen dealing with the matter in an insensitive manner and with a humorous tone. How can one find humour in crisis about the crisis itself?

At a time when a lighter note is much needed, he could have talked about another topic that could be taken as a distraction if he had nothing logical to say on Indo-Pak tension. [image: Embedded video] link

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India and Pakistan don’t go to war, by @Trevornoah link

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Twitter users also suggested that he should use The Daily Show Platform “to bring light to issues like this which are not covered prominently in the US media”. However, Trevor chose to go another route.

WATCH VIDEO here: link