Suzuki Car prices in Pakistan increased yet again: Checkout the latest price range


ISLAMABAD - Pak Suzuki has yet again increased the prices for its automobiles. The recent hike in prices is second time in a month. Previously, Suzuki justified its price hike by citing the devaluation of rupee against dollar.

According to the company, most parts for vehicles assembled in Pakistan are imported from abroad. They mention that whenever the Pakistani rupee faces devaluation, the prices of these parts go up. As a result, prices of their vehicles go up as well.

Pak Suzuki has circulated a notification among its dealers for the implementation of new prices.

The updated prices will be effective starting today i.e. 1st March, 2018.

Here are the new prices of Suzuki cars:

*Suzuki Mehran VX:* from Rs 689,000 to Rs 709,000 *Suzuki Mehran VXR: *from Rs 742,000 to Rs 762,000 *Suzuki Ravi: *from Rs 706,000 to Rs 726,000 *Suzuki Swift NAV-MT:* from Rs 1,375,000 to Rs 1,405,000 *Suzuki Swift NAV-AT: *from Rs 1,511,000 to Rs 1,541,000 *Suzuki Cultus VXR:* from Rs 1,250,000 to Price Rs 1,270,000 *Suzuki Wagon R VXL:* from Rs 1,114,000 to Rs 1,164,000 *Suzuki Bolan:* from Rs 764,000 to Rs 784,000 *Suzuki Bolan Cargo:* from Rs 730,000 to Rs 750,000

It is expected that the other two automobile giants, Toyota and Honda, will increase the prices as well.

Last time, Toyota, Honda, Faw and Suzuki , increased their prices simultaneously.