Pakistan responds to Afghanistan peace plan

Pakistan responds to Afghanistan peace plan

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan’s national security advisor Nasser Khan Janjua has welcomed the offer by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for peace Talks.

In his meeting with the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Nasser Janjua said peace in Afghanistan was essential for peace in our country, insisting that Pakistan wanted an early closure to the internecine bloodshed in Afghanistan.

He also added that Pakistan welcomed President Ghani’s offer of seeking peace through dialogue and understanding and would do its best to facilitate the realization of this noble initiative.

This comes as President Ghani said Wednesday that Afghanistan is prepared to hold talks with Pakistan in a bid start a new season of cooperation between the two countries.

President has always been insisting that the Afghan government is keen to enter into peace talks both the Taliban and Pakistan in a bid to end the violence in the country.

Speaking during the Kabul Process II conference in Kabul on Wednesday, President Ghani said the government is prepared to hold talks with the Taliban group.

President Ghani’s proposals to the Taliban group included recognition of the insurgent as a political party.

The other proposals to the Taliban included cease fire, transitional confidence building and paving the way for the widespread elections, revision of the constitution of Afghanistan, justice and review of the complaints, and implementation of the law.

He also proposed release of the prisoners and removal of the group from the sanctions list, security of the citizens of the country, economic and social development, development, and support of the international community.

According to President Ghani, the government will also agree with the opening of the political office for the Taliban, issue passports for the group members of the Taliban, allow freedom of travel, and assist in removal of sanctions, allow access to media, and agree with the return of their family.