Promotions BPS 20-21: PM Nawaz Sharif rejects promotions of 400 officers made by CSB



In a surprise decision Prime Minister of Pakistan has rejected the promotions of the senior civil servants recommended by the legitimate FPSC led Central Selection Board.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has turned down Central Selection Board (CSB) recommendations for promoting almost 400 bureaucrats from grade 20 to grade 21.

Among the 395 affected bureaucrats are some 85 who were superseded. The CSB would not consider their cases [for promotion] again for at least one year.

The prime minister approved a summary recommending the deferral of the promotions of 301 officers.

While referring back the promotions of the other 94 officers, the PM expressed reservations about their eligibility and the decision-making powers of CSB Chairman Naveed Akram Cheema and other board members.

Moreover, four officers of the board could not get promoted to grade 20 whose cases were recommended by the CSB to the prime minister despite holding a clean record and fulfilling the promotion criteria.

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