CTD Sindh for grand operation along Sindh-Balochisan border

CTD Sindh for grand operation along Sindh-Balochisan border

KARACHI: Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) along with other law enforcement and Intelligence Agencies have aimed to chase and track the terrorists and the militants in their hideouts on the border areas.

The Counter-Terrorism Departments (CTD) and law enforcement agencies have identified hideouts of suspects who were allegedly involved in recent terrorist attacks in Sindh, due to which a joint operation has been launched in Sindh and Balochistan.

Officials of CTD Balochistan and Sindh have decided to launch an operation in areas of hideouts of some banned militants outfits in Balochistan. Those hideouts were used by terrorists for the recent attacks in Sindh.   

“We showed the Balochistan authorities not only the findings of a Joint interrogation team report about high-profile militants but also data and reports of our intelligence units that strengthened our case. 

Once they heard all the arguments they agreed to cooperate with us and move with Sindh police in pursuit of these hideouts,” said chief of the Sindh police’s CTD Additional IG Sanaullah Abbasi.

 “The areas which have been identified include Mastung and Wadh and a few pockets along the Afghanistan border of Balochistan,” said Additional IG Abbasi.

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