Karachi Police tighten noose around fourth schedule suspects

Karachi Police tighten noose around fourth schedule suspects

KARACHI: Police has decided to prepare a list of fourth schedule suspects here at today in order to ensure law and order situation in Karachi during the holy month of Ramadan .

As per details, over 400 suspects are going to be placed under the fourth schedule of Anti-terrorism Act, 1997 while the decision has been taken by police to tighten noose against target killers and extortionist .

Sources said that action would also be taken against those accused who would not appear before court. LEAs expressed their concerns that accused placed in fourth schedule could create destabilization during the month of Ramadan in Karachi. Accused belonging to Political and religious parties are also included in the fourth schedule list .

All the accused had been arrested by Rangers and Police after conducting raids and search operation in different areas of Karachi while accused involved in heinous crimes are also included among arrested suspects.



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