Pakistan revived contacts with EU for implementing projects in science, technology: Fawad

Pakistan revived contacts with EU for implementing projects in science, technology: Fawad

Minister of Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain says economic and other key indicators are moving in the positive direction which shows that policies of government have started yielding results.

Addressing a presser in Islamabad this afternoon, he said first tranche of five hundred million dollars out of total three billion dollars from Qatar has been received with a positive impact on foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan

He said the deferred oil payment facility of three billion dollars from Saudi Arabia starts tomorrow.

The Minister said the PTI government has so far paid 9.5 billion dollars in loan repayments. He said the amount of repaid loan and interest over it is equivalent to total budget of Sindh.

He said after the passage of budget, the major challenge for the government is tax collection and documentation of the economy.

Referring to successes of government at various fronts, the Minister said British Airways has restarted its operations in Pakistan and other EU countries are changing their travel advisory about Pakistan. This shows a positive image of Pakistan is rising in the comity of nations. 

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said the government is focusing on promotion of science in the country and contacts with EU on science and technology projects have been revived after a period of twenty five years.

The Minister said Pakistan has offered Afghanistan to set up a campus of COMSATS at Kandahar city of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has also been offered a meteorology lab in Kabul for research purposes. He said a major breakthrough has been achieved in ties with both Afghanistan and USA which shows success of our foreign policy. The Minister hoped that relations with India will also improve over the period of time.

The Minister criticized the negative role of opposition and said that it is scattered and confused.