Pakistan and France decide to enhance counter terrorism cooperation

Pakistan and France decide to enhance counter terrorism cooperation

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan and France have expressed their resolve to further enhance and diversify their cooperation in counter terrorism domain within the framework of Bilateral Declaration on cooperation.

It was stated in a joint communiqué after 6th Round of Pakistan-France Joint Security Commission Talks held in Rawalpindi today.

Retired Lieutenant General Ikram-Ul-Haq led Pakistan delegation while French delegation was led by Secretary General for Defence and National Security Mrs Claire Landais.

During the plenary session, both sides held a comprehensive review of the progress made on the issues discussed during the last Security Commission Talks held in France in 2017.

Views were also exchanged on the prevailing security environment and strategies to mitigate the threats emanating from the existing challenges particularly terrorism.

Both sides also noted with satisfaction the signing of Academic Cooperation Agreement between National Defence University of Pakistan and the Institute for Higher National Defence Studies of France.

It was agreed that next session of Joint Security Commission will be convened in Paris on mutually agreed dates.

It is pertinent to mention that Joint Security Commission meets regularly since 2011 in order to maintain high-level exchanges between France and Pakistan in field of security cooperation and fight against terrorism.