Sharif family, Ishaq Dar tax record for 10 years not available : FBR


ISLAMABAD  – The Panama Case Joint Investigation Team has received report from the FBR that much of the tax record of sharif family is found missing for many years.

FBR has submitted the reply to Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) over missing record of tax returns of the Sharif family.

The tax collection body said only that record of Sharif family is missing in which they were staying abroad. It told JIT that the record of Ishaq Dar and the Sharifs went missing as they switched offices. “Tax returns of the Sharif family, including Ishaq Dar, are not available when they were staying abroad,” an FBR official told Panama JIT.

FBR has written to JIT that all the available record of tax returns of Sharif family was submitted to them with regard to Panama case probe. It stated that filing tax returns of Ishaq Dar and the Sharifs wasn’t necessary as they were on exile.

In the letter to JIT, FBR said that some of the record had been handed over to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and it would be provided if found.

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