Saudi Arabia imposes heavy tax on overseas workers, Millions of Pakistanis hit


RIYADH:  Saudi Arabia will introduce the “expat levy” from Saturday, July 1 2017 as it was confirmed during  2017 budget announcement in the Kingdom, Middle Eastern media reports say.

The fee called ‘family tax’ or ‘expat levy’  will be 100 Saudi riyals per dependent this year.  It is not yet clear whether the levy will be charged on all members of an expatriate family.

It will be doubled to 200 Saudi riyals for every dependent from July 2018, tripled to 300 Saudi riyals in 2019 and quadrupled to 400 Saudi riyals from July 2020.

The fee will be collected annually by the department of passport at the time of renewal of Iqama (resident permit). This means an expat living with his wife and two children in the kingdom will have to pay this year 3,600 Saudi riyals or Rs 62,000 when he goes for the renewal of his resident permit if he likes to retain his family with him.

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