PIA's 12 national and international flights cancelled

PIA's 12 national and international flights cancelled

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has yet again brought embarrassment for itself after numerous national and international flights were cancelled on account of various reasons.

As many as 12 flights of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) to and from Lahore were cancelled due to lack of planes and technical fault developed in some planes.

According to reports, the PIA flight operation was affected by the lack of plane and passengers faced immense problems.

The cancelled flights also include some international flights including Pk-248 coming from Saudi Arabia to Lahore.

The national flag carrier’s flight PK-371 coming from Karachi to Lahore was also cancelled. PIA flight going to Paris from Lahore Pk-719 was also cancelled, besides Pk-270 which was to go to Delhi from Lahore.

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