India-Israel Military Ties: Is it a threat to Pak-China ?

India-Israel Military Ties: Is it a threat to Pak-China ?

ISLAMABAD: Indian researcher and former employee of the Ministry of External Affairs, Vikram Sanjit has said that India-Israel collaboration on nuclear and missile technology could become a headache for China and Pakistan in future, reported Friday.


Sanjit said that India has chosen Israel as its ally against China-Pakistan alliance one of the biggest advantages of which for India is that it has brought it closer to United States among big powers of the world.


He said that a significant number of Israel scientists are working in India to make its nuclear technology up to the mark with modern standards. India is progressing rapidly in collaboration with Israel’s airspace industries, Sanjit said.


He revealed that India wishes to build more than 100 ground-to-air long range missiles every year to counter Pakistan’s missile abilities.


The researcher said that Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh will be visiting the United States coming month and would hold some important meetings with Israel and US lobbyists, some of them would be open and some behind closed doors.


He would also participate in US Homeland Security talks, he added.


Sanjit further said that joint venture of Israel, India and United States in future against China, Pakistan and Russia bloc could go in the ‘wrong direction’.


Indian PM Narendra Modi will also be visiting Israel and the visit would further enhance the Indo-Israel ties.


Reported by: Nadeem Manzoor Salahri