Young Pakistani girl Emma Alam makes history after breaking multiple world records

Young Pakistani girl Emma Alam makes history after breaking multiple world records

Young Pakistani girl, Emma Alam, broke multiple world records as she won the 29th World Memory Championships global finals, beating over 300 competitors from all across the world.

Participants from various countries such as Canada, China, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Vietnam, United States, Malaysia, Algeria, Iraq, Hong Kong, Macau, Libya, Qatar, and Taiwan took part in the competition. ------------------------------

Emma competed in all ten disciplines in a three-day competition, which took place virtually, with the Chinese city, Sanya, as the base. The annual competition was first held in 1991 in London. It was created by an English author, Tony Buzan, to make the memory sports official. The championship has been held in multiple cities all over the world since its inception.

Emma Alam became the first Pakistani ever to win the World Memory Championship. Emma has been making the country proud in various competitions over the years, raking in countless trophies and medals. Her latest achievement makes her the undisputed World Memory Champion. ------------------------------

Emma was excited to win the championship and said, “I had aimed to give my best in WMC 2020, backed by a lot of daily practice for the past two years with my coach and the institute. It still astonishes me how powerful the mechanism of human memory is and the brain’s infinite information storage system.”

One of the founders of the World Memory Championships, Raymond Keene, congratulated Emma on her magnificent achievement. He called her one of the greatest sporting achievers in the history of Pakistan and a unique hero in a pandemic stricken time.

Another team Pakistan member, Abeerah Ather, finished seventh in the tournament. Emma Alam and another Team Pakistan member, Syeda Kisa Zehra, also broke multiple world records in the competition. Guinness World Records will officially recognize their records soon.