Spy ring within Indian Air Force officers linked to spying for Pakistan: Report

Spy ring within Indian Air Force officers linked to spying for Pakistan: Report

NEW DELHI - Indian intelligence is investigating a suspected ring within Indian Air Force officers linked with Pakistan intelligence after the arrest of the Indian Air Force senior officer.

A group captain of the Indian Air Force - equivalent to a Colonel of the Indian Army - posted in New Delhi has been detained and is now being questioned for possible spying for Pakistan.

The officer was first detected by Intelligence Unit of the <link> <link> <link> IAF <link> , top government sources have said.

The officer is suspected to have passed 'critical information,' over the last few months before being detected, sources said.

Sources said that initial investigations suggest that officer was honey trapped and was being blackmailed. The identity of woman who lured the officer isn't clear yet.

The Indian Air Force refused to comment officially. However, replying to an India Today query government sources said 'during routine counter intelligence surveillance carried out by the <link> <link> <link> IAF <link> 's Central Security and Investigation Team it was discovered that an officer was indulging in certain unwanted activities through unauthorised electronic devices which is against existing orders. He has been taken into custody for further questioning.'

Sources also said the officer established contact with his handlers through Facebook. Later the officer was in touch with his handlers through multiple social media platforms. 'We are trying to establish whether others too were involved and how big the ring was', a top sources told India Today.

'We have strong reason to believe that the officer was regularly meeting his handlers in the Capital', sources said.

The armed forces has a strict policy on using social media applications. The officers can have a social media presence but are barred from posting their pictures in uniform, revealing their place of posting, or revealing any official material such as information of visits or any plans of operations or infrastructure building.

Also, every document is graded for security ranging from confidential, secret, classified and top-secret.

The group captain has been detained for now and will be questioned for possible spying for Pakistan.