PML(N) workers optimistic to win general elections again in 2018

PML(N) workers optimistic to win general elections again in 2018

PESHAWAR: Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Affairs and Member National Assembly Dr Ebadullah Khan has expressed optimism that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would win the upcoming general elections again in view of best performance of its government.


Addressing the party’s workers convention in NA-4 here, the MNA said the country was successfully going ahead on path of progress and prosperity as a result of prudent socio-economic policies of  PML(N)-led government.

He added blessings of those policies were effectively passed onto grass roots level and living standard of people was gradually improving in its wake.

He said that the government had successfully implemented its development plan as promised with people of the country and those measures had received wide appreciation from masses who reposed trust in PML(N) through their vote in general elections, 2013.

Given such concrete progress of the PML(N) government, he said masses would never prefer opportunists of other political parties who did not look back when they got vote in general elections 2013 and attained seat in assemblies.


Referring to the public rally scheduled to be held on February 4 in Peshawar, the MNA said it would prove to be a historic rally which would be attended by a large number of people to show their support towards their favorite party of PML-N .

He said that the green revolution has started to take place in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which would flood along what he called the so-called and “a disposable change” in the province.


He said after assuming power by PML-N as a result of win in upcoming general elections, it would bring about a real change to the Peshawar by making it at par with the Lahore in terms of development.

He said that those who misled people through their hollow claims and slogans of progress during electioneering campaigns had badly failed to deliver and got people disappointed in view of their poor performance.

He added such politicians would face repercussion of their anti-people policies and poor performance during upcoming general elections.

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