Playing in the hands of India, Afghan peace to remain a distant dream

Playing in the hands of India, Afghan peace to remain a distant dream

ISLAMABAD - Afghan pro Indian establishment in the spy agency NDS consisting of former warlords of Northern Alliance will not bring any good for Afghanistan . Blaming Pakistan for its own ills and playing in the hands of Indian RAW will never bring peace for Afghanistan .

Destabilising western border of Pakistan from the Afghan soil has been the Indian strategy since long and till Afghanistan agencies will continue to provide them support against Pakistan, Afghanistan will stay in troubles.

Afghan Interior Minister and Spy Chief visit to Islamabad was not for much good but to again blame Pakistan for its failure. However Pakistan in order to bring things towards positive tragectory again followed the path of reconciliation.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif visited Afghanistan embassy and said that Pakistan and Afghanistan can successfully fight the war against terror through mutual trust.

Talking to newsmen after visiting Afghan embassy in Islamabad on Thursday to condole the deaths caused by recent terrorist incidents in Kabul, he said such happenings remind us of the need for closer cooperation to eradicate terrorism.

He said Pakistan and Afghanistan will have to work together to address the challenge.

The Minister said there is strong desire on both sides of Pakistan and Afghanistan for peace in the region.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif said campaign against terror is our common war and we will have to fight it out together.

To a question, he said meetings of high level Afghan delegation with Pakistani leadership have been constructive and positive.

The Foreign Minister said visit of the Afghan delegation also demonstrated will of the two countries to join hands in fighting the war against terror.

Afghan Ambassador Omer Zakhilwal thanked the Foreign Minister for sharing grief of Afghan people.

He said mutual discussions and good relations are necessary for elimination of the monster of terrorism.