ISIS defeated in Iraq, Syria: Trump

ISIS defeated in Iraq, Syria: Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that ISIS has been defeated in Iraq and Syria liberating close to hundred percent territory from them.

In his first State of the Union speech to the U.S. Congress, he said it is a decisive victory against ISIS , which until recently held swathes of territory, alongside major population centers in Iraq and Syria .

Donald Trump has vowed to wage a campaign of maximum pressure on North Korea to prevent it from the pursuit of nuclear missiles.

He warned that North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles can very soon threaten our homeland.

Donald Trump asked the Congress to remove budget caps on defense spending and fully fund the military.

He also called for unmatched powers for the military to ensure defence against threats from certain regimes, terrorist groups and rivals like China and Russia.

Trump announced to keep the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention camp open, reversing an Obama-era directive in this regard.

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