Modi not a ‘real Hindu’: Congress leader

Modi not a ‘real Hindu’: Congress leader

Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Thursday sparked a row by claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a “real Hindu” as he has “quit” Hinduism and embraced Hindutva.

Mr. Sibal’s remarks invited a sharp riposte from the BJP, which said people know who is a “Ram bhakt” (devotee to Lord Ram) and who is a “Rome bhakt”, a clear dig at Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin.

This comes a day after the two parties came a day after they fought over the Congress vice-president’s faith following appearance of his name in a register meant for non-Hindus in Somnath temple.

“How many times does the Prime Minister go to temples daily? The one who respects the sentiments of Hindusim also respects temples. You have quit Hindu religion,” Mr. Sibal said.



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