Faizabad sit-in: Intelligence Report makes startling revelations about deaths of protesters

Faizabad sit-in: Intelligence Report makes startling revelations about deaths of protesters

RAWALPINDI – An intelligence report sent to the Islamabad chief commissioner has revealed that the policemen opened fire on protesters belonging to different religious groups to stop them from breaking into the residence of former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

The report which was compiled on November 25 states that the firing left four people critically injured who were subsequently shifted to Benazir Bhutto Hospital for treatment, without revealing further details about the injured.

In their situation report, Special Branch officials maintained that at least 90-100 police personnel were present inside the former minister’s residence when around 1,500 protesters attacked the police party, which retaliated with teargas.

‘Protesters broke down the main gate of Chaudhry Nisar’s residence and set fire to an adjacent CNG filling station. When they attempted to enter Chaudhry Nisar’s house, policemen fired gunshots injuring four people who were later shifted to Benazir Bhutto Hospital,’ the report said.

An interesting aspect unfolded after the emergence of report is that the Rawalpindi City Police Officer Israr Ahmed Abbasi had denied the impression that police were allowed to carry firearms or even rubber bullets during the operation against protesters at Faizabad, contrary to the report.

The situation report also suggested that police encountered 1,600-1,700 protesters in I-8/4 around 7am, who dispersed when police started a hot pursuit.

‘Protesters also managed to ‘detain’ 14 Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel inside a house I-8/4 who were later freed’ it said.

The report continued that when the police force reached Faizabad Bridge around 7:45 am, a group of protesters appeared from Dhoke Kala Khan and Sohan village and started pelting them with stones.

The Special Branch report highlighted that as police personnel moved towards Sohan bus stop, around 300 demonstrators started running after them and started throwing stones adding that some policemen, including Inspector Abdul Jabbar, were also beaten with batons.

The report detailed how the police force and FC personnel moved towards I.J. Principal Road from Faizabad, which allowed the protesters to occupy Islamabad Expressway.

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