We will not let Pakistan become a secular state: Moulana Fazalur Rehman

ISLAMABAD: JUI (F) leader Moulana Fazalur Rehman said that entire Europe has united under the leadership of America against Islam and west is making a conspiracy to isolate Pakistan. As per details, he was addressing the Shuhda e Islam conference in Larkana. Moulana said Islam is being presented as an extremist religion and Europe has united against Islam. He further said Pakistan is an Islamic country and we will not let Pakistan to become a liberal state and will also condemn any such attempt. Pakistan came to exist in the name of Islam and our ideology is Islam. He added. 1973 constitution has made it clear that Islam will be the official religion of Pakistan and all laws will be according to Islam but now some people want to make Pakistan a secular state. Moulana said. JUI will combat those elements who want to destroy the identity of constitution and destabilize Pakistan.