Siraj ul Haq promises to make Karachi Istanbul after winning LBE 2015

KARACHI: PTI Chairman Imran Khan and JI Ameer Sirajul Haq staged a joint rally regarding the local body election in Karachi. A large number of workers from both parties participated in rally. Workers were present at AirPort to welcome both leaders. While addressing the rally, Sirajul Haq said people of Karachi are facing a lot of problems even they are deprived of their basic needs. We came in Karachi to reduce the pain and grief of people. He further said that we will eliminate the brutal politics from Karachi. Karachi would become the develop city of the world. Both leaders vowed to make Karachi like Istanbul after winning. Both parties will combat against status quo and defeat Mafias. Sirajul Haq added. Imran also spoke at the occasion and said 5 December will be the day of change and revolution. We will unite Punjabi. Sindhi, Baluchi and Muhajir in Karachi. We will eradicate terrorism form Karachi. Karachi police should be depoliticized and we will do it. Imran added.

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