Hindu extremists forcefully sent the Muslim family out of the theater in yet another case of intolerance

BANGLORE: The Hindu extremists forced the Muslim family to leave the theater because they did not respect the national anthem. Sources said the management at central Mumbai’s PVR Kurla stopped the screening of a movie at a late Saturday evening show after audience members complained about one family who were allegedly not standing up for the anthem. Several people got into a bitter verbal altercation with the family, who were immediately asked to leave, following which the screening was resumed. “The manager of theatre said they asked the family to leave after people protested. However, there was nothing to do with the religion of the family if they are Hindu or Muslim. There is no case registered,” said a police officer from Ghatkopar police station. No case has been registered yet. “PVR Cinemas is fully committed to the policy of equal respect for everyone. Source: Hindustan Times

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