PMLN gets the shock as number of MPAs ditch party meeting: Sources

PMLN gets the shock as number of MPAs ditch party meeting: Sources

LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz gets the worst shock in its effort to form government in Punjab as over 20 elected PML-N members of the Punjab Assembly did not show up at a meeting held to ensure party loyalty and discuss future strategy regarding the bid at government formation in the province.

As the meeting had been called by Shahbaz, all the members elected from Punjab were told to ensure their presence in the gathering at the party’s Model Town secretariat.

A total of 129 candidates having PML-N ticket have won the election for the Punjab Assembly, but sources say only 106 showed up at the meeting. They also revealed that the majority of the absent winners excused themselves on the pretext of health issues and/or unavoidable engagement. However, their absence was not taken well by the party president. The PML-N is working to get the required numbers to form the Punjab government, for which it has been approaching the independent winners in the province.

These independents and the probable alliance options for the PML-N had asked to

first ensure that the party had a firm hold on all of its own 129 members who won the

election. That’s why this meeting was being considered by many as an exercise to exhibit that strength. The meeting, chaired by Shahbaz, was scheduled to start at 6:00 pm; however, it began over an hour late.

Addressing the meeting, he talked about the achievements of PML-N in Punjab and told the attendees that they should keep their spirits high and have confidence in the party and its leadership.