Actress Meesha Shafi faces a setback against Ali Zafar

Actress Meesha Shafi faces a setback against Ali Zafar

ISLAMABAD - The popular singer, Meesha Shafi has faced a setback in her campaign against Actor Ali Zafar.

She had filed a complaint to the governor against the “*Teefa In Trouble” *actor, under the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010.

According to the reports by a local news outlet, Punjab Governor Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana rejected Meesha Shafi’s appeal against Ali Zafar over technical grounds.

The supposed plea was dismissed on July 11 due to Meesha not being under any contract to work with Ali, therefore the act did not apply in this case.

“Meesha was not compelled in any way to work with Ali”, the legal team of the actor/singer said in a statement. “The appeal was dismissed some time ago, around the same time Ali’s debut Pakistani film Teefa in Trouble was releasing. Therefore, we didn’t want the attention from the movie to be diverted,” a member of the team, Ambreen Qureshi shared.