Russia supplying arms to Afghan Taliban: CNN

Russia supplying arms to Afghan Taliban: CNN

Last week the CNN published a surreal story where it rolled out half a dozen battered AK-47s as "exclusive" evidence that Russia  arming the Taliban".

Except of course the AK-47 is the most common combat rifle on the planet, and Afghanistan has been awash in them since at least the early 1980s when the US flooded the country with Soviet-made arms it purchased from Egypt.

In fact, using CNN's logic there is far more proof that the US is arming the Taliban. At this point in time, the Taliban are awash in state of the art US-made weapons. They're packing the M4 and M16 standard US rifles issued to regular US infantry, the FN SCAR rifle in use by US Special Forces, and besides that, night vision optics, laser scopes, and even up-armored Humvees, which are a Taliban favorite for their suicide car bomb attacks.

This US-made gear is new, and had been brought into country by the US itself. Actually, the US can not account for 700,000 firearms provided to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002.

It is rather comical to see US generals and the pro-government media try to pin the blame for the US inability to win in Afghanistan on mythical Russian arms shipments when the US is itself a massive, indirect supplier of arms to the Taliban. Russia Insider 

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