Bad news likely for Cricket fans in Pakistan

Bad news likely for Cricket fans in Pakistan

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) may not consider holding the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan, according to a BCCI official.

According to Press Trust of India (PTI), the BCCI high brass is aware that PCB is exerting pressure on Pakistan to host the whole Asia Cup, but the Indian board is steadfast in its decision to not send the national side in Pakistan.

"We recognise that PCB is using this as a kind of pressure due to the Asia Cup controversy. But, I can assure you that ultimately the Asia Cup will also be held in the United Arab Emirates or Qatar, and Pakistan would likely also be required to play its matches in one of these nations," explained a BCCI insider.

According to prior reports from the same news source, a team of officials from PCB and BCCI have been collaborating to plan the logistics of holding the Asia Cup in 2023 in two nations, with India playing its matches at a neutral site, including its matches against Pakistan.

India apparently refused to visit Pakistan for the future 2023 Asia Cup and Pakistan was also threatening to boycott the ODI World Cup, which has led India to think about using a "hybrid approach" for the competition.

The suggested plan would see the Indian team playing its Asia Cup games abroad while the other teams would play their games in Pakistan. Now, Pakistan is reportedly considering the option of holding their World Cup games at a neutral venue.