Pakistan electricity shortfall rises drastically


LAHORE: Power outages in the country have maximized as the shortfall touched the 5000MW mark in a matter of days.

The shortfall rose to the said spot after being added by 1500MW in two days whereas the difference between supply and demand has been left to 5000MW.

Currently, total production of electricity has trimmed down to 9400MW whereas the demand rests at 14,700MW.Hydroelectricity is being affected the most from the lack of water reservoirs.

The hydropower generation capacity is 6500MW in the country but at present only 1900MW is being produced. The private power houses are providing 5500MW electricity whereas 2000MW is being attained from other sources.

In the aftermath of the situation, urban areas are facing load shedding for 8-10 hours whereas those residing in rural areas suffer power cuts off at least 10-14 hours.

Analysts suggest that the hydropower generation will not increase until the augmentation of water reservoirs. Therefore; experts fear that the load shedding duration would increase as the shortfall mounts in the country.

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